Download XOLO Mobile Stock ROM Firmware

By onlinevmg

If yes are you searching for Stock ROM firmware for all XOLO mobile phone and Tablets.


If  your answer is yes then you are on the right page. Here you can download Stock ROM firmware for all XOLO models.

Find the Following XOLO Mobile Phone Model and Click to Download XOLO Stock ROM firmware

Mobile Brand Firmware
8X 1000 S020 Download
8X 1000i Download
8X 1020 S014 Download
A1000 4.1.1 Download
A1000S Lite S002 Download
A1000S S009 Download
A1010 S106 Download
A500 Club S009 Download
A500 Club S011 Download
A500 Club S013 Download
A500 Club S018 Download
A500 S013 Download
A500L S008 Download
A500S IPS S003 Download
A500S Lite S011 Download
A500S Lite S013 Download
A500S S014 Download
A500S S016 Download
A510S S010 Download
A550S IPS S107 Download
A600 S111 Download
A600 S116 Download
A700 S108 Download
A700S S109 Download
A800 S109 Download
B700 4.0.4 Download
Black 1X v8.4 Download
Black 3GB Download
Black Hive s20 v1 v200 Download
Black Hive s23 v3 v200 Download
Black s20 Download
Black s23 Download
Cube 5.0 2GB S008 Download
Cube 5.0 2GB S010 Download
Cube 5.0 S006 Download
Era 4G s118 (SPD tool) Download
Era 4K s005 (SP Tool) Download
ERA HD s010 Download
ERA HD s012 Download
ERA HD s015 Download
Era S008 Download
Era s014 Download
Era X s112 (SPD tool) Download
LT2000 S029 Download
LT900 Download
Omega 5.0 S018 Download
Omega 5.0 S020 Download
Omega 5.0 S035 Download
Omega 5.5 S013 Download
Omega 5.5 S016 Download
One S007 Download
One s007 Download
One S010 Download
One s010 Download
One S011 Download
One s011 Download
Opus 3 S008 Download
Opus 3 S012 Download
Play 6X 1000 S010 Download
Play 8X 1100 S004 Download
Play 8X 1100 S012 Download
Play 8X 1200 Download
Play S015 Download
Prime S007 Download
Prime S008 Download
Prime S011 Download
Prime S012 Download
Q1000 M001 Download
Q1000 Opus 2 S010 Download
Q1000 Opus 2 S011 Download
Q1000 Opus HD S012 Download
Q1000 Opus HD S014 Download
Q1000 Opus KK S011 Download
Q1000 Opus S009 Download
Q1000 Opus S021 Download
Q1000 Opus S023 Download
Q1000S Plus S008 Download
Q1000S S013 Download
Q1000S S016 Download
Q1001 S010 Download
Q1010 OTA KITKAT Download
Q1010 S008 Download
Q1010 S009 Download
Q1010 S012 Download
Q1010 S015 Download
Q1010i KK S002 Download
Q1010i S006 Download
Q1010i S008 Download
Q1011 S006 Download
Q1020 S009 Download
Q1100 S019 Download
Q1100 S022 Download
Q1200 KK S014 Download
Q1200 S014 Download
Q2000 S122 Download
Q2000L 8GB s021 Download
Q2000L S014 Download
Q2000L S017 Download
Q2000L s021 OTA Download
Q2100 KK S013 Download
Q2500 S008 Download
Q3000 KK S007 Download
Q3000 S009 Download
Q500 S008 Download
Q500S IPS S004 Download
Q510S S008 Download
Q520s S007 Download
Q600 Club S009 Download
Q600 S009 Download
Q600 S015 Download
Q600S S020 Download
Q600S S023 Download
Q600S S023 8GB Download
Q610S S010 Download
Q610S S013 OTA Lollipop Update Download
Q700 Club S011 Download
Q700 S016 Download
Q700i S020 Download
Q700S Plus s004 Download
Q700S s006 Download
Q700S S012 Download
Q710S S111 Download
Q800 0201 Download
Q800 4.2 Flashing Binary Download
Q800X S010 Download
Q900 S007 Download
Q900S Plus S008 Download
Q900S S008 Download
Q900S S009 Download
Q900T S108 Download
QC800 S115 Download
TW800 Download
X1000 Download
X500 V1.140 Download
X900 ATI M4.9 Download
X910 Download


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